Important Dates

Hello Pontiac, here are some key dates to remember for the upcoming leadership race!


February 28:


Fourth official Leadership 2017 debate in Edmonton.


March 28:

Last day to update your membership if you want to vote!


April 28 (on or after):

Ballots will be mailed out to Conservative members at their listed address with instructions on how to mark it and return it in a secure, confidential way.


May 26, 5:00 pm EST:

Ballots must be received by this date and time.


May 27:

Results will be announced from a Leadership Event in Toronto!

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Leadership Canadidate Events


Next year the Conservative Party of Canada will select a new leader and Canada’s next Prime Minister. The Pontiac Conservative Association is pleased to be hosting a series of our leadership candidates here in our riding. Bring your questions, and come meet our candidates!

Our first two events are as follows:

1. Steven Blaney, MP for Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis


Event details:

November 24


Gatineau (Plateau district), QC


2. Michael Chong, MP for Wellington—Halton Hills


Event details:

December 14


Gatineau (Plateau district), Quebec


Venue details and RSVP: Benjamin Woodman


Cost: Free



A message from the Executive

What’s been happening

This Spring our association was represented by two members at the Conservative Party Convention in Vancouver. The Convention was well attended with approximately 3000 attendees from across the country.

From the outset, the convention tone was very positive. Attendees were upbeat and ready to face the road ahead as the CPC reinvents itself and prepares for the next general election 3 years from now.

Over the course of summer the Pontiac Conservative Association has been advocating locally on issues such as electoral reform, and we too are looking ahead to building a local team for the road ahead.

Autumn and beyond


The fall Parliamentary session has begun, and the Pontiac Conservative Association will be bringing to you a series of speaker events.

We’ve been approached by several CPC leadership candidates wishing to meet Pontiac residents, and will be sending out information on timings and locations in the near future.

If you have a preference for a leadership candidate you’d like to see, or if you can assist with hosting, please let us know!

In the interim, please take the time to renew your CPC membership here: .

Liberal MP holding electoral reform consultations AFTER Parliamentary deadline

Via Benjamin Woodman

Electoral reform consultations are finally set to happen in Pontiac, QC. Shockingly, the local Liberal Member of Parliament has scheduled consultations no less than ten days PAST the deadline set for MPs to report back to Parliament.  This means that every resident in the Pontiac is left without a voice in this matter. Thus, regardless of your thoughts on electoral reform or political stripe, your position simply doesn’t matter and will not be taken into account by the Liberal government.

As it stands now, the local candidate with the most votes in a federal riding is the one who wins an election. The governing Liberal Party has indicated a desire to unilaterally change this system, potentially to a format that would be more advantageous to keeping themselves in power.

While I do not think our voting system should be changed, I firmly believe that everybody should have the opportunity to vote on any potential changes if they occur.

In lieu of giving residents the right to vote, the Federal Liberals have promised a series of consultations on this issue, with MPs required to report back to the Parliamentary committee on electoral reform by October 14th. After months of local pressure due to Liberal inaction, the best our local MP could do was book consultation dates that occur after a deadline set by his own Government.

Scheduling dates to occur after a parliamentary deadline denies Pontiac residents to ever have a say on this very important issue, and confirms that these consultations are a sham process.

We all deserve better.

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Annual General Meeting

The Pontiac Conservative Association would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting, scheduled for February 25, 2016 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm.


Thursday Feb 25 – 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 231

26 Rue Saint John, Quyon, QC J0X 2V0


If you'd like to be considered for membership of the association's Executive, you must hold a valid Conservative Party of Canada membership, which can be obtained here: .



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