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Benjamin Woodman selected to be Pontiac’s Conservative Candidate

On November 17th at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 231 in Quyon Quebec, the Pontiac Conservative Association formerly announced the selection of Benjamin Woodman as Pontiac’s Conservative Candidate for the 2015 federal election.

“I am extremely honoured to have the opportunity to represent my home riding of Pontiac as our Conservative candidate” said Woodman.  “My number one priority is our local economy, and the Conservative Party is the only Party committed to keeping federal taxes low.”

Woodman has a diverse range of experience working in federal politics, having worked in the Office of a Member of Parliament, the Office of the Prime Minister, and serving under two Ministers of Veterans Affairs. In 2012, Benjamin received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal from a Veterans organization for his work within the Veteran community. Benjamin is also a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, holding the rank of Corporal, and was named Recruit of the Year by his home unit upon joining.

“I am proud that Benjamin Woodman has agreed to take up the challenge of championing the hopes and ideals of the diverse residents of Pontiac.” said Richard Hofer, President of the Pontiac Conservative Association.

“He represents the very best of his generation; experience on Parliament Hill, strong family values, a belief in hard work, and devotion to his country through active service in the Army Reserves.”