Andrew Scheer visit to Shawville

Check out our Facebook page for photos of CPC Leader Andrew Scheer's visit to the Pontiac!



Come meet Andrew Scheer in Shawville on December 1st!

L'honorable Andrew Scheer, chef du Parti conservateur du Canada, sera de retour dans le Pontiac! Plus de détails à suivre!

The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, is coming back to the Pontiac!

Join us at 3:00pm on December 1st, upstairs at the Shawville arena, in the Lions Hall!

Free admission!



Venez rencontrer Erin O'Toole cette semaine! / Come meet Erin O'Toole this week!

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Next CPC Leadership Event


This year the Conservative Party of Canada will select a new leader and Canada’s next Prime Minister. The Pontiac Conservative Association is pleased to be hosting a series of our leadership candidates here in our riding. Bring your questions, and come meet our candidates!

Our next event is as follows:

1. Andrew Scheer, MP for Regina—Qu'Appelle


Event details:

February 22

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Gatineau (Plateau district), QC


Venue details and RSVP: Benjamin Woodman


Cost: Free

Important Dates

Hello Pontiac, here are some key dates to remember for the upcoming leadership race!


February 28:


Fourth official Leadership 2017 debate in Edmonton.


March 28:

Last day to update your membership if you want to vote!


April 28 (on or after):

Ballots will be mailed out to Conservative members at their listed address with instructions on how to mark it and return it in a secure, confidential way.


May 26, 5:00 pm EST:

Ballots must be received by this date and time.


May 27:

Results will be announced from a Leadership Event in Toronto!

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